From Frank Morrison

August 23, 1906.
My dear Mr. Gompers:
Received your telegram today to forward letterheads and other official matter to headquarters. I immediately expressed the following:
500 letterheads
" second sheets
" stamped 2¢ envelopes
200 #10 envelopes
I wired you1 to Bath, to that effect.
I received the Lewiston Morning News with the elaborate account of your opening campaign speech.2 The special correspondents are commencing to sit up and take notice. This is especially noticeable since President Roosevelt recently rushed to the rescue of Congressman Littlefield, the other day, with his letter to Speaker Cannon.3
Enclosed find Philadelphia paper, that will, I am sure, prove interesting reading for you.

Cannon's District.
Democrats have nominated man4 against Cannon. Have not heard from Treasurer Lennon as to what action will be taken in that district.
Organizer Pierce5 reports that he has been unable so far to see Rainey.6

Dalzell's7 District.
Received a letter8 from Cal Wyatt,9 which, boiled down, means that that district is in a muddle, but expect a letter10 in a few days with some definite information.

Scranton Pennsylvania Congressional District.
Central Body writes that fierce fight is being put up against the election of Mr. T. D. Nichols11 of the miners. They ask for the assistance of Organizer Frayne12 for the months of September and October. Have written them13 that Organizer Frayne has been notified to go to their assistance on the first of September and remain with them until further notice.

Sherman's14 District--New York.
Utica labor men have notified this office that they have called a convention for August 28, for the purpose of carrying into effect the American Federation of Labor programme, and, request an organizer. We take it that organizer was for the convention. Herman Robinson has been requested to be present.15

Teamsters'16 Secession Movement.17
Organizer Pierce reports that Albert Young's18 union have decided to stay in the Brotherhood,19 also one or two of the other organizations, and he is attending the meetings.

Delegate to the Trades and Labor Congress of Canada.20
Mr. Thomas A. Rickert,21 President of the Garment Workers,22 states that he will notify his local unions to send delegates to the Canadian Congress, and in addition, they are going to be represented by at least one delegate, that is Mr. S. L. Landers.23 He wants to know if you have any instructions to him to that Congress, and, he wants to be advised as to whether he is to receive a credential, and, from whom. He says he will be at the Palmer House up to the thirtieth, and, after that, at New York. I will mail you credentials24 to fill out for Mr. Rickert to Munsonville, New Hampshire.
You will probably have more time to fill it out there, than during the rush of your campaign. I presume I could have filled it out and used your stamp, but would want you to advise as to whether or not credential has been issued, inasmuch as we have received to date, one thousand (1,000) dollars, on account. They skipped one week between the first and second payment, but I take it that they are going to make a strong effort to square themselves before the first of October, as per their letter to me.
The Canadian Trades and Labor Congress Convention, convenes on September 17. There would not be time after your return for you to sign the credentials, that is, the original and duplicate credential.
I will draw this to a close, as there is just enough time for the stenographer to write and mail it to you.
Fraternally yours, Frank Morrison
Secretary American Federation of Labor.

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2. See "An Address in Lewiston, Maine," Aug. 18, 1906, above.
3. Actually a letter from President Theodore Roosevelt to Indiana congressman James E. Watson which commended Joseph Cannon's leadership and the work of House Republicans, and urged that they be retained in office. The letter, dated Aug. 18, 1906, was made public on Aug. 20 and received wide press coverage.
4. Charles G. Taylor of Danville, Ill., was Cannon's Democratic opponent in the Illinois Eighteenth Congressional District.
5. Jefferson D. Pierce was an AFL salaried organizer from 1900 until his death in 1913 and served as a member of the AFL Legislative Committee in 1906, 1908, and 1912. (See glossary.)
6. Henry Thomas Rainey (1860-1934) was a Democratic congressman from Illinois (1903-1921, 1923-34) and Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (1933-34).
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11. Thomas D. Nicholls (variously Nichols; 1870-1931) was a member of United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) 838 of Nanticoke, Pa. He served as president of UMWA District 1 (1899-1909) and as a Democratic congressman from Pennsylvania (1907-11).
12. Hugh Frayne (1869-1934) was a charter member of the Amalgamated Sheet Metal Workers International Alliance (ASMW) in 1892, becoming a member of ASMW 86 and serving as an ASMW vice-president (1901-2, 1904-5). He was an AFL salaried organizer from 1902 until his death, and beginning in 1910 was in charge of the AFL's New York City office. During World War I, Frayne chaired the labor division of the War Industries Board.
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16. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT). (See glossary.)
17. On Aug. 7, 1906, a group of delegates, primarily from Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and Saint Louis, walked out of the convention of the IBT and formed the United Teamsters of America (UTA). The causes of the secession were the convention's refusal to seat delegates from several large New York City locals for non-payment of dues, the IBT's use of injunctions against these locals, and general dissatisfaction with IBT president Cornelius Shea. SG convened a conference between the two unions in Chicago in October 1907 that failed to reach a settlement. In late 1908 the IBT and UTA reunited. Several thousand teamsters in Chicago refused to participate in the merger, however, maintaining the UTA as an independent union until at least the mid-1920s.
18. Albert Young had been a member of IBT 704 (Coal Teamsters) of Chicago and an organizer for the IBT (1905-6). At the IBT's 1906 convention, Young was a leader of the secession movement that formed the UTA, and he subsequently served as a UTA vice-president (1906). (See glossary.)
19. On Aug. 19, 1906, IBT 704 voted to defer action on leaving the IBT; on Sept. 16 it voted to remain in the IBT.
20. The Trades and Labor Congress of Canada (TLCC) held its convention Sept. 17-21, in Victoria, B.C.
21. Thomas A. Rickert was president of the United Garment Workers of America (UGWA; 1904-41) and the AFL fraternal delegate to the 1906 TLCC convention. (See glossary.)
22. The United Garment Workers of America. (See glossary.)
23. Samuel L. Landers, a garment worker from Hamilton, Ont., and a vice-president of the executive committee of the TLCC, represented UGWA 256 of Hamilton at the 1906 TLCC convention.
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