David Clark, a native of Raleigh, N. C., was the founder and publisher of The Textile Bulletin
. Trained as a mechanical engineer, and a former mill owner, Clark helped organize the Southern Textile Association.

Clark was well known for his "ultra" conservative views -- he did not believe that government should interfere in business or educational matters. And he was strongly opposed to child labor laws and to activists like Lewis Hine, who, he argued, were trying to undermine southern industry.

How strong are his arguments?

How does he back up his position? What is his biggest complaint about the NCLC?

The Southern Defense, NY Times, Jan. 7, 1915

Clark's testimony to the Committee on Industrial Relations, 1915: Family Wages ,
Accident Rates , Literacy Rates

Criticism of the NCLC's and Lewis Hine's methods, 1915

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