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Document 1: Article from the Detroit Free Press, May 24, 1886, re: The Cigar Makers' International Union and the KOL

Document 2: The KOL General Executive Board to the Members of the KOL, July 2, 1886: The KOL and the CMIU

Document 3: Article from the New York World, October 22, 1886, re: The KOL and the Unions

Document 4: John McBride to Terence Powderly, April 2, 1887, re: Conflict between DA 135, the KOL miners' assembly, and the National Federation of Miners and Mine Laborers.

Document 5: Article from the Journal of United Labor, the KOL newspaper, July 11, 1889. re: Unity conference

Document 6: Samuel Gompers to Terence Powderly, September 11, 1889, re: Competing unions

Document 7: Samuel Gompers to Thomas Gruelle, June 19, 1894

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