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On our documents page students can find newspaper articles as well as correspondence dealing with some important issues of the day--the bombing of the Los Angeles Times building in 1910 (the "Crime of the Century), World War I, and the Mexican Revolution, among others.

Each entry includes an image of the original document and an easy-to-read transcription of that document as well as footnotes that explain who the writer is and identify the people and episodes that are mentioned in the document.

We also offer cartoons of the day that provide an easy way to introduce students to historical analysis. What is the cartoonist trying to say about Gompers or the labor movement? What can you learn about the cartoonist's -- or the newspaper's-- bias? Why do you think this image was presented?

We provide enough documentation of the founding of the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions, the American Federation of Labor, the Industrial Workers of the World (and supporting information in footnotes and glossary entries) for a student to put together a short research paper on questions like: Why did workers want to organize? Who played leading roles in the labor reform movement?

We also offer documents related the Knights of Labor and its conflict with the AFL



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